August, 1947. Freedom. U.K. T'HE transfer of power in India has taken place, with pomp and pageantry, and a rather too self-conscious atmosphere of “being in the presence of history”. Viscount Mountbatten, the Viceroy, becomes an earl and Governor General. Pandit Nehru’s position is unchanged as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Mr. Arthur Henderson, the … Continue reading INDIA—A CHANGE OF MASTERS


“Anarchism, pure and simple”

Sixty four years ago a small periodical from Allahabad wrote: “Now that India has obtained independence, the old combatant for liberty has given up his last gasp in the most complete poverty.” Writing about the same "old combatant for liberty" Hem Day later recalled that " he is not well known to all, even to … Continue reading “Anarchism, pure and simple”

What is Anarcho-Syndicalism? – Talk by Dave Kelly in Delhi and Bhopal.

Dave Kelly of Australian Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, the Australian section of the International Workers' Association talks about What is Anarcho-Syndicalism is and its aims and principles. Bhopal: Date: Sunday, 4th March 2018 Time: 04:00 PM Venue: Dylogg Coworking, 66 B Kasturba nagar Facing Chetak Bridge, 462023 Bhopal, India Delhi: Date: Thursday, 8th March 2018 Time: 07:00 … Continue reading What is Anarcho-Syndicalism? – Talk by Dave Kelly in Delhi and Bhopal.

Response to “The “Name & Shame” list in academia”

A short response to The “Name & Shame” list in academia: Everyday resistance or insincere efforts? by Niloy Sengupta. I will urge readers to read the primary piece before reading the following. The author has, in my opinion correctly pointed out the method of resistance aspect of the list and the discussion that has since followed. … Continue reading Response to “The “Name & Shame” list in academia”

The “Name & Shame” list in academia: Everyday resistance or insincere efforts?

Original Post by Niloy Sengupta on Medium Harvey Weinstein, through his misdeeds & serial abuse of actresses in Hollywood may have ruined many lives and spirits. But the silver lining to that is that it has prompted women to come out and speak about sexual harassment openly, making the #MeToo campaign viral. A follow-up poll … Continue reading The “Name & Shame” list in academia: Everyday resistance or insincere efforts?

The Feudal Mind

The latest PEW survey gives weight to the thesis that Indians (mostly educated but not exclusively) tend to be very authoritarian. No other nation with comparable economic indicators comes close to Indian support for autocracy and technocracy. With 65% support of "rule by experts" 55% for Strong Leader and no less than 53% for military … Continue reading The Feudal Mind

The Propaganda Model for India

"The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy", wrote Australian sociologist and historian of American propaganda Alex Carey. To ensure protection of “corporate power against democracy," … Continue reading The Propaganda Model for India